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As mentioned in the title of this page, cheaper prices for your gas & electricity is one way for you to save money for your business, however that is certainly not the only way to reduce costs and in most cases not the most beneficial with prices rising year on year.

At Consultiv Utilities we have a range of options and cost models available to you and your business, and with the range of products and services available we are confident we have a cost effective solution that will benefit you regardless of your business size or sector.

We understand that spending vast amounts of money on efficiency is not top of the list for businesses, and that is why we are able to offer fully funded solutions meaning that you are not out of pocket for the solution we provide that is to benefit your business. Sounds to good to be true? We have a range of options, from power purchase agreements to being able to roll the cost of an installation into your procurement contract, enabling you to avoid that initial captial outlay.

Energy Efficiency & Renewable Services

  • Solar PV
  • LED Lighting
  • Voltage Optimisation
  • Energy Audit
  • Water Audit
  • Smart Metering
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Benefits of Solar and a PPA?

We can offer a fully funded Solar installation for your business, allowing you to benefit from the energy that is generated from the panels on your building.

A Solar installation can generate anything from 20-40% of the power you use during the day and through Consultiv Utilities Power Purchase Agreement you can access that energy at a much cheaper rate than you are currently paying for your electricity through your current supplier.

I cannot afford an LED lighting project

With Consultiv Utilities a full LED lighting project is well within your budget and most businesses have still not benefitted from more cost effective lighting solutions with potential savings of upto 70% available in some cases.

Lighting projects can be out of reach for some businesses without the money in the budget to pay upfront, which is why at Consultiv Utilities we can roll the cost of a project into your procurement contract, by spreading the cost over the term of your contract within your unit rate, whilst reducing your consumption and spend at the same time.

What is not to like about saving money without the initial outlay expected in most cases?

Why would I need an Audit?

Most businesses have never had an energy audit carried out at their business premises and so cannot see the benefits of carrying this out.

By allowing us to provide an energy audit for your business we can assess all aspects and come with an energy management proposal/solution that can benefit your business, whether it be more efficient lighting, most efficient building fabric or renewable technology that can help with the generation of energy.