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Mistakes can happen, but did you know that a high percentage of electricity and gas bills are incorrect? This can potentially cost businesses many thousands of pounds over the duration of a contract and most do not even know that it is happening.

Validating your bills is a key service that we offer so that you can be comfortable and confident you are only paying for what you are using. Suppliers use a vast array of systems and technology to calculate your bill and so it is inevitable that errors are made, but customers should not be the ones to suffer through over or under paying for their consumption. You may think that under paying is an advantage, but these costs can build up and come back to bite you when you least need it.

Consultivs multi-point bill checking service gives you the confidence you need and ensures you are free to carry on with running your business. We will analyse every aspect of your bill for any discrepancies and make sure that any issues are resolved, recovering any monies overpaid to any of your suppliers.

Once we have analysed your utility bills we can then look to see if you are on the best deal for your business.

Key Benefits & FAQs

  • We take away the hassle of validating your bills
  • We will validate all aspects of your bill, not just your commodity costs
  • We will recover any monies overpaid to your suppliers
  • We will validate historic and future bills at your request
  • We will provide a first class service
  • We can approach suppliers on your behalf, given your permission
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What do I need to do to get started?

Simply get in touch via our websites contact form or call us direct and we will be happy to assist and provide further information.

What information do you need from me?

To begin the process we just need your authority and who supplies you, we can then get in touch with your suppliers on your behalf and go from there.

How much will this service cost me?

We can provide a basic service free of charge, depending on the size of your business. If you are already a procurement customer then we provide this service free of charge upon request.

Why do I need my bills checked?

Suppliers use a vast array of systems, processes and technology in order to calculate your bill and the process is complicated, given all the various costs that make up a bill.

With all of the systems and processes, it is inevitable that mistakes are made, and you could potentially be overpaying for the gas, water and electricity you are consuming. We can recover this money for you and make sure you are paying for exactly what you are using.

What if I am under paying?

Under paying for your utilities is as much as a problem as over paying. Running a business can be extremely difficult, with cash flow issues having to be managed tightly for the majority of business, therefore you do not want to be hit with a large unexpected bill towards the end of your contract, as the cost of errors mounts up it is important that your bill is accurate and you can avoid unexpected charges further down the line.

How is any recovered monies paid to me?

If, like many businesses, your bills are incorrect and you have over paid, we will liaise direct with the supplier and have the balance credited to your utility account. If you are then in credit, you can choose to have this money paid back direct to you, we will not pass any balance through our accounts, meaning you can be confident of receiving every penny back.